Term base properties

The Term base properties dialog allows you to change the properties of an existing term base.

MemoQ tb properties Term base properties


You can invoke this dialog  by clicking the Properties command at the following locations:

· the Term bases pane of the Resource console


This dialog has four areas: Location, Term base properties, Meta-information, behavior, and Languages. However, the Location and Term base properties area and the Author field of the Meta-information, behavior area cannot be edited and serve for information purposes only (values were entered when creating the term base in the New term base dialog and cannot be modified).

Location area: This area displays the location where the selected term base is located (on your computer, on a server, or the term base is a local copy of an online term base).

Term base properties area: This area displays properties of the selected term base. You cannot change these items.

· Name: This field indicates the name of the term base.
· Path: This field indicates the full name of the folder where the term base is stored.

Meta-information, behavior area: This area allows you to change the meta-information items for the selected term base.

· Project ID: Use this field to enter the project identifier.
· Client ID: Use this field to enter the client identifier.
· Domain: Use this field to enter the domain of the term base.
· Subject: Use this field to enter the subject of the term base.
· Description: Use this field to enter a description of the term base.

You cannot change the following items:

· Author: This field indicates the creator of the term base.
· Moderated: This check box indicates whether you want this term base to be moderated, i.e. terminologists will need to approve any new entries.
· Read-only: Check this check box to indicate that the term base is not writable. memoQ will not save nor import terms into the term base.
· Late disclosure: In case of moderated term bases, if this check box is checked, new term base entries will only appear to other server users when the moderator has confirmed the entries. This is the default setting. If not checked, new term base entries will immediately appear to every server user.

Languages area:

This area shows languages supported by the term base. For example, if you are translating from French to German, you can use a term base where French and German are checked in the list, utilizing the terminology contained in this term base and adding new expressions as needed.

However, you may also receive a term base for languages that differ from one you are translating to. In this case, you can extend the term base to cover your language, too. To add a new language, simply check the corresponding item in the language list.

Note: You cannot remove languages that existed in the term base when you invoked this dialog.


Click OK to close the dialog and save changes to the term base. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without making changes.

Term base properties