Select TM settings (dialog)

In this dialog, you can choose a set of translation memory (TM) options for a translation memory that you use in your current project.

You can choose one from the sets of TM options available on your computer.

Note: TM settings form a light resource, and determine what types of matches memoQ should return from a TM, and what penalties should be applied to a TM match. For more on editing TM settings, see the topic on editing TM settings.

MemoQ select tm settings dialog Select TM settings (dialog)


In Project home, navigate to the Translation memories pane (click the Translation memories icon on the left). Right-click a translation memory that you are using in your project, and then choose Settings from the popup menu.


· The Select TM settings dialog displays a list of TM settings. There is a check box for each set of TM options. Tick the check box of the TM option set that you want to use. The selected TM option set moves to the top of the list.

Note: If you choose a TM option set here, memoQ will always use it, no matter what changes are made to the project defaults.

· To return to the project options, tick the Use project defaults check box at the top of the dialog.


To apply the selected TM option set to the translation memory, click OK. Click Cancel to close the dialog without making changes.

Select TM settings (dialog)