RESX visual localization tab

The .NET RESX visual localization tab is a special form of preview in the translation grid. It becomes active when you translate (localize) .NET resource (RESX) files that contain descriptions of graphical user interface (GUI) elements such as dialog boxes. These resource files belong to .NET software applications: you can use memoQ as a visual localization tool for .NET applications.

In the place of the formatted document preview, memoQ displays the dialog box as it appears in the application you are localizing:

MemoQ resx localization tab RESX visual localization tab


Import a RESX file into your project, then open it from the Translations pane of Project home. If the RESX file contains visual elements such as dialog boxes, memoQ automatically displays the localization tab.


You can work in the translation grid and you can use the Translation results pane as usual, but the preview pane gives you extra functionality:

· For the current segment in the translation grid, memoQ shows and highlights the corresponding control (button, text box, list box, menu etc.). For example, if you go to segment 18 in the above screenshot, memoQ highlights the Cancel (Annuler) button in the preview pane.
· You can navigate the translation grid from the preview pane: if you click a control in the preview pane, memoQ jumps to the corresponding segment in the translation grid. For example, if you click the Go button in the preview pane in the screenshot, memoQ jumps to segment 19. If the RESX file you are localizing includes multiple forms (dialogs, other controls), you can choose from them in the Designed control drop-down list (at the top of the preview pane).
· You can change the layout of the window you are localizing: for example, you can change the size of each control by dragging its edges. You can also move the controls around the window by dragging the control itself (position the mouse pointer in the middle of the button, and when it becomes a four-headed arrow, drag the button).

RESX visual localization tab