Project home – Settings

In the Settings pane of Project home, you can view and edit the meta-information of the project, and configure additional resources such as segmentation rules or QA settings for the current project.

MemoQ project home settings Project home   Settings pane


In the Project home tab (only available if you have a project open in memoQ), click the Settings icon on the left.

Items in the Settings pane

There are seven categories where you can configure various options for your project:

· General: View and adjust meta-information for the project.
· Segmentation rules: View and configure segmentation rules assigned to the project. Segmentation rules are light resources, and they are managed as such.
· QA settings: View and configure quality assurance settings assigned to the project. These are light resources.
· TM settings: View and configure translation memory thresholds and penalties assigned to the project.
· LiveDocs settings: View and configure LiveDocs corpus thresholds and penalties assigned to the project.
· Auto-translation rules: View and configure auto-translation rule sets assigned to the project.
· Non-translatable lists: View and configure non-translatable lists used in the project.
· Export path rules: View and configire export path rules used in the project.

You can choose the desired category by clicking the corresponding icon right below the Settings title.

Options in the General category

The General category pane consists of three expandable-collapsible areas.

Name and location

MemoQ project home settings nameandlocation Project home   Settings pane

In this area, you can see the name and the location of the current project. You can also view and edit the description of the project (in the Description text box).


MemoQ project home settings languages Project home   Settings pane

In this area, you can view the languages of the project.

User and meta-information

MemoQ project home settings userandmetas Project home   Settings pane

In this area, you can edit the meta-information of the project. You can fill in or change the Project, Client, Domain and Subject field. You can also change the user name written into translation memory entries.

If you check the Make rows proofread (double check mark) upon confirm check box, all segments you confirm afterwards will become Proofread instead of just Confirmed. If this check box is off, all segments confirmed receive the Confirmed status.

In addition, you can set the default values of custom fields that memoQ saves to the primary translation memory when you confirm segments during translation. Under Custom fields, you can set default values for the custom fields that are available in the definition of the primary translation memory of the current project.

· To add a value: Choose a custom field from the Field drop-down list. This list displays all custom fields that are used in the primary translation memory. Then, type or choose the value in the Value box. For picklist fields, memoQ displays the list of values. After you choose the field and specify the default value, click Add.
· To remove a value: Select a custom field in the Custom fields list, and click Remove.

Resource categories

The rest of the categories are there to manage light resources in the project. Every category works the same way.  For example, here is the Non-translatable lists category:

MemoQ project home settings resources Project home   Settings pane

The light resources are listed in a table; each light resource has a check box. Check the check box to use the light resource in the project.

You can use as many auto-translation rule sets and non-translatable lists in your project. However, you can use only one set of segmentation rules, QA settings, TM settings, LiveDocs settings and export path rules in your project.

You can perform the same commands on each resource as in the Resource console. For a detailed description of the commands, see the topic on the Resource console.

The default resources

When a local project is created, memoQ assigns some default resources to the project. Default resources are pre-installed with memoQ. Such default resources, like segmentation rules, are essential for a project to work, and they are difficult to reproduce if they are not present. memoQ provides default resources in the following resource types:

· Segmentation rules
· Export path rules
· QA settings
· TM settings
· LiveDocs settings

To change the default resources, use the Default resources category of the Options dialog, accessible from the Tools menu.


Within Project home, you can switch to any other pane by clicking the respective icon on the left. The name of the active pane is set in bold. For a list of buttons and panes, see the general topic for Project home.

If you switch to another tab, Project home stays open, ready to be accessed again. To close Project home, you need to close the current project.

Project home – Settings pane