Options – Spell settings

In the Spell settings pane of the Options dialog, you can control how memoQ checks the spelling in each language.

MemoQ options spell settings.zoom70 Options   Spell settings


From the Tools menu, choose Options. Click the Spell settings category on the left.


This dialog allows you to select the default spelling method for the selected target language, and to configure Hunspell for that language.

· Check spelling as you type check box: if you use Hunspell for spelling, memoQ can perform on-the-fly spelling: misspelled words will be underlined as you type. This feature is turned on by default. Uncheck this check box if you do not want to use it.
· Language: Use this drop-down list to select the language for which you want to configure spelling.
· Use MS Word for spelling in this language: Click this radio button to look for spelling errors using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word 2000 SR-2 or newer must be installed on your computer to use this feature.
· Use Hunspell for spelling in this language: Click this radio button to look for spelling errors using Hunspell. This is the default setting.

Hunspell settings area: This is active only if the Use Hunspell for spelling in this language radio button is enabled.

· Installed dictionaries for current language: This list shows the available Hunspell dictionaries for the selected language.
· Install new dictionary from file: Click this link to install new Hunspell dictionary files. You need to have the files at hand in a folder on your local computer.

Note: You can install two kinds of dictionary files: spelling archives, which consist of two files (e.g. es_ES.aff and es_ES.dic) and dictionary packages (e.g. de_DE-pack.zip) which contain zip archives, all having names starting with the same main language (e.g. de_AT.zip, de_CH.zip) and including the same kind of files (e.g. de_AT.aff and de_AT.dic, de_CH.aff and de_CH.dic).

· Look for more dictionaries online: Click this link to look for dictionaries other than the ones listed in the Installed dictionaries for current language list. The Download Hunspell dictionaries dialog appears with the following options:

MemoQ options hunspell dictionaries Options   Spell settings

o URL: Use this field to enter the Internet address of the downloadable dictionaries.
o Check: Click this button to check the specified Internet address for downloadable dictionaries.
o Dictionaries for current language: Use this list view to select the dictionaries you wish to download.
o Download checked item
: Click this button to download the dictionaries you selected in the Dictionaries for current language list.
o Cancel: Click this button to close the dialog without downloading any dictionaries.


Click OK to close the Options dialog, saving all changes, or click Apply to save changes while keeping the dialog open. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving changes.


Options – Spell settings