Multiple file import settings (dialog)

This dialog appears when you add multiple files of different types to your project. In this dialog, you can select the appropriate document filter for each document, and change import settings as necessary.

MemoQ mutliple file import settings dialog Multiple file import settings (dialog)


In the Translations pane of Project home, click Add document as…, then select at least two documents of different types. The above screenshot shows importing a HTML and a DOCX file.


With each file, you can change the file type, and the import options for the selected file type. memoQ will attempt to determine the file type on the basis on the file extension.

· To change the file type, select one or more documents in the Files to be imported list, and click Change file type. To select multiple files in the list, press and hold down the Ctrl key, and then click all files you need to select.
· The Import settings column of the Files to be imported table show the name of the import setting resource used for importing the document. To change the import settings for a document, select one or more documents, and click Change import settings below the list. Or, next to a document, click the name of the import settings resource in the Import settings column. Both actions will display the Document import settings dialog for the selected file type.


Click OK to proceed with importing the documents. Click Cancel to leave the dialog without importing the documents.

Multiple file import settings (dialog)