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MemoQ term base menu Term base menu

The Term Base menu is is visible only when the active tab shows the term base editor.

· New MemoQ icon tbedit new Term base menu: Adds a new entry to the term base. You can edit the contents of the entry in the form at the bottom. Shortcut key: Ctrl+N.
· Delete MemoQ icon tbedit delete Term base menu: Deletes the selected entries from the term base.
· Add Term MemoQ icon tbedit addterm Term base menu: Add a new variant to the selected entry. Shortcut key: Ctrl+A.
· Import MemoQ icon tbedit import Term base menu: Imports the contents of a CSV file into the term base.
· Export MemoQ icon tbedit export Term base menu: Exports the contents of the term base into a CSV (comma-separated values) file.
· Properties… MemoQ icon tbedit properties Term base menu: Displays the properties of the term base, and lets you edit them.
· Approve Current Entry MemoQ icon tbedit approve Term base menu: If you are editing a moderated term base, sets the status of the current entry to “approved”. This means that the entry will become visible to all users rather than to terminologists and project managers only.
· Show Entry History MemoQ icon tbedit entryhistory Term base menu: If you are editing a moderated term base, displays the change history for the current entry in a separate pane. This makes it easier to decide whether or not to approve the entry.

Important: Moderated term bases are always online term bases, that is, they are always stored on a server.

· Filter MemoQ icon tbedit filter Term base menu: Displays the Filtering and sorting dialog in which you can specify criteria for filtering and sorting the contents of the term base.
· Tidy up View MemoQ icon tbedit tidyup Term base menu: Clears the selection and the entry form at the bottom. As a result, no term base entry will be selected.
· Select All: Selects all term base entries.

Term base menu