Manage projects

This dialog lists all projects stored on the local computer or the selected server. You can manage and manipulate the projects in this dialog.

MemoQ manageprojects Manage projects


From the Project menu, choose Manage projects.


The Manage projects dialog is divided into three sections:

· Server selection
· Project list filters
· Project list and operations

Server selection section:

· Server URL box: Select a server from the drop-down list or type the address of a new server in  the text box, then click Select. If you have not connected to the selected server previously, memoQ will prompt you for a user name and a password.
To work with the projects on the local computer, select My Computer.

Important: memoQ 4 can connect to memoQ 4 servers and newer versions only. You cannot connect to memoQ 3.x or 2.x servers.

· Manage logins link: Displays the Manage logins dialog, where you can delete your existing connection to a server. You might need to do this if you want to access a server by a different user name and password.

Project list filters section:

In this section, you can filter the list of projects if the list. This is useful if the list of projects is long. You can filter the project list using the drop-down boxes and text boxes in this section. When you choose or type a value in one of the boxes, memoQ immediately filters the list.

Important: The dialog lists all projects on the local computer and those on the server selected in the Server URL box. If the Server URL box shows My computer, memoQ shows the local projects only.

· Project drop-down box: Every project has a piece of meta-information called “Project”, which refers to a larger project. In this drop-down box, memoQ lists all values used in the Project field of memoQ projects.
· Client drop-down box: Lists all values previously specified in the Client field for memoQ projects on your computer.
· Domain drop-down box: Lists all values previously specified in the Domain field for memoQ projects on your computer.
· Subject drop-down box: Lists all values previously specified in the Subject field for memoQ projects on your computer.
· Source language drop-down box: Lists all source languages used in the listed projects.
· Target language drop-down box: Lists all target languages used in the listed projects.
· Name/description text box: Restricts the list to projects where either the project name or the project description contains the characters typed in this box. The list is immediately filtered as you start typing.
· Show hidden online projects check box: Check this to show hidden online projects from the selected server. You can hide past projects that you think you are not likely to use again.

Important: If you select a value in two or more fields, memoQ uses these together to filter the list. For example, if you choose English in the Source language box, and Computing in the Subject box, the dialog will list projects where the source language is English, and the subject is Computing.

Project list and operations:

Each row in the project list corresponds to one project. All project rows have the following fields (columns):

· (Status): Icons to show the status of the project. MemoQ in progress icon Manage projects: Translation in progress; MemoQ translation complete icon Manage projects: Translation is complete; MemoQ review completed icon Manage projects: Review is completed (all segments are proofread).
· Name: The name of the project.
· Progress: The status of the project in numbers. This column shows three numbers: the first is the number of segments in the project; the second is the percentage of segments that were translated; the third is the percentage of segments that were proofread.
· (Location/Type): Icons to show the location or type of the project:
o MemoQ local project icon Manage projects: Local project;
o MemoQ handoff package icon Manage projects: Imported handoff package;
o MemoQ icon local copy of online w desktop Manage projects: Local copy of an online project with desktop documents;
o MemoQ online local copy icon Manage projects: Local copy of an online project with online documents.
· Path/URL: The location of the project on the local computer.
· Created: The date the project was created.
· Deadline: The deadline set for the project. Local projects usually have no deadline; imported handoff packages and online projects do.
· Last Accessed: The date the project was last opened.
· Languages: List of languages in the project. The list starts with the source language; then follow the target languages.

In this dialog, you can choose from the following tasks:

· Open: Opens the selected project in Project home, along with all document tabs that were open the last time. In the list, click the desired project first.
· Delete: Deletes the selected project. In the list, first click the project you want to delete.

Important: This command will delete the folder of the project, along with all documents and settings. Translation memories and term bases used in the project will remain untouched, unless they were deliberately created in the project folder (this is not the default behavior).

· Hide: Hides the the selected project. The row of the project will disappear from the list, but the project folder will remain untouched.
· Backup selected: Makes a backup copy of the selected projects. The backup copy is saved in a single memoQ backup file (.mqbkf file).
· Import handoff package: Imports a handoff package, and creates a new project from it.
· Import Transit project: Imports a project created in STAR Transit XV or NXT, and creates a new project from it.
· Check out online project: Connects to a server, and allows you to choose a project residing on the server. memoQ then creates a local copy of the online project, which appears as a new entry in the Manage projects dialog.
· Restore from backup file: Starts the Restore projects from backup wizard to restore projects from a backup (.mqbkf) file.
· Create local project: Starts the New memoQ project wizard, and creates a new local project.
· Create online project: Displays the Create new online project dialog, creates a new online project on the server selected in the Server URL box. Then opens the project in Project home.
· Publish on server: Starts the Publish local project wizard to uploads the selected project to the server selected in the Server URL box. This command creates an online project from a local project.
· Clone: Opens the Clone online project dialog to create a copy of the selected online project. The copy will be created on the same server where the original project is stored. You cannot clone a local project.

Important: The Create online project, Publish on server, and Clone links are available in memoQ 4.2 or higher, project management edition only.


Click the MemoQ close window button Manage projects button at the top right corner to leave the dialog.

Manage projects