Light resource properties

In this dialog, you can change the basic properties of a light resource. It offers similar options as the Create a light resource dialog. Although the name of the dialog is subject to change to reflect the type of resource, its  structure always remains the same.

MemoQ light resource properties Light resource properties


Select a light resource in Resource console, the Settings pane of Project home, or the Default resources category of the Options dialog, then click the Properties link below the list. Alternatively, right-click the resource name, and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.


· Name: Here you can see and change the name of the selected light resource.
· Language: When you created a language-specific resource, you defined its the language. This language is displayed in the Properties dialog but it cannot be modified.

Note: This box does not appear for all types of light resources.

· Description: You can freely change the text in this field.
· Read-only: Select this check box if you do not want the selected resource to be altered in any way.


Click OK to save changes and close the dialog. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog without making changes.

Light resource properties