Files already exist (dialog)

This dialog appears when memoQ cannot export a translated document because a file with the same name already exists at the same location.

MemoQ exportpath exists Files already exist (dialog)


If a file of the same name already exists at the same location (that is, in the same folder), you have two choices:

· Overwrite existing files radio button: Select this to overwrite any existing files, and replace them with the newest version of the exported translations.
· Skip the export of these files radio button: Select this to keep all existing files intact: the newest translations will not be exported.

If you want to keep the existing files, and export the translations at the same time, you have two choices again:

· Use the Change export path dialog to specify a new export path for the problem documents.
· Export the problem files one by one using the Export (dialog) command in the Translations pane of Project home.


Click OK to proceed with the export according to the settings in the dialog. Click Cancel to dismiss this dialog without exporting any files. In the latter case, memoQ will not export files. Documents that had no problems will not be exported either.

Files already exist (dialog)