Editing keyboard shortcuts

In memoQ, the assignment of some shortcut keys are customizable, and their sets are light resources so you can choose from several sets in a project. The Edit keyboard shortcuts dialog allows you to edit shortcuts directly. It is important that you cannot edit the default set of shortcuts; first you have to clone it and then you can edit the cloned copy.

MemoQ edit keyboard shortcuts Edit keyboard shortcuts


You can invoke the Edit keyboard shortcuts dialog from the Keyboard shortcuts category of the Options dialog, or the Keyboard shortcuts pane of the Resource console, by selecting the set you wish to edit and clicking the Edit command


The pane contains a list view showing the customizable current shortcut keys. You can sort the list by Category, Menu and Shortcut key. To sort the list, click the heading of the appropriate column. To reverse the sorting order, click the heading again. The column used for sorting is indicated by a small arrow in the column heading.

· Category: This column indicates the location of the different commands.
· Menu: This column indicates the name of the different commands.
· Shortcut key: This column indicates the shortcut keys assigned to the different commands. To modify a shortcut key, click the appropriate row in the Shortcut key column, press the new key shortcut, and press Enter or select another field.
· Reset to defaults: Click this button to reset the default settings.


Click OK to close the dialog, saving all changes. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving changes.



Edit keyboard shortcuts