Editing filter configurations

Use this dialog to edit a document filter configuration. A document filter configuration is a light resource. You can manage these in the Filter configurations pane of the Resource console.


Open the Resource console (from the Tools menu), and click the Filter configurations icon to the left. In the list, select the filter configuration you want to edit, then click the Edit link below the list. You can also right-click the filter configuration, and, from the popup menu, choose Edit.


A filter configuration is always specific to a document format. A filter configuration for Excel files is different from one for XML files. The Edit filter configurations dialog always appears according to the document type covered by the current filter configuration.

The Edit filter configuration dialog has the same options as the Document import settings dialog for the same document type. In the Edit filter configuration dialog, you cannot choose a different document type, or save the options into another filter configuration (as in the Document import settings dialog).

See also

The options for configuring a filter for each document type are described in the Document import settings topic for each document type:


Click OK to save your changes to the filter configuration. Click Cancel to leave the dialog without saving the changes.

Edit filter configurations