Editing export path rules

The Edit export path rules dialog allows you to make changes to the selected set of export path rules. You can also edit remote export path rules if you have sufficient privileges, however, one set may only be edited by one person at a time.

MemoQ edit export path rules Edit export path rules


You can invoke the Edit export path rules dialog from the Export path rules category of the Settings pane in Project home or the Export path rules pane of the Resource console, by selecting the set you wish to edit, and clicking the Edit command.


The Edit export path rules dialog consists of the Rule area for switching between file or folder rules, the Tokens area and the Description of token area.

· Rule: You can write the path using backslashes with fixed strings and/or with tokens. You can also use the MemoQ ellipsis button Edit export path rules button to browse for the target folder structure. You have to add also the file names and expressions to the path. The default rule memoQ uses for exporting documents that are imported from a folder and from all its subfolders is the following:



This means that during the export, the documents are saved into the very same folder they came from and with names consisting of the three-letter target language code, the path within the base folder, and the original file name.

· Tokens (double-click to insert): Use this pane to insert a token from the list after the current cursor position in the Export path rule field.
· Description: This field indicates the description of the token selected in the Tokens pane.


Click OK to close the Edit export path rules dialog, saving all changes. Click Cancel to close the dialog without saving changes.



Edit export path rules