Document import settings:
.NET resource files (RESX)

Use this dialog to control how .NET resource (RESX) files are imported.

MemoQ resx import settings .NET resource files (RESX)


In the Translations pane of Project home, click Add document as… below the document list, and in the Open dialog, locate and select a RESX file.


· Import all string elements check box: Imports all strings that are included in the resource file. Disables all other controls in the dialog box.
· Editable property fields list: Use this list view to select the translatable fields.

Note: If the .RESX files contain properties with names that appear on this list, memoQ imports them and offers them for translation. In RESX files, the most common such property is Text.

· Remove selected: Click this button to remove the selected field name expression from the Editable property fields list.
· Add new field: Use this field to enter a field name expression that you want to add to the Editable property fields list.
· Add field: Click this button to add the field name expression entered into the Add new field box to the Editable property fields list.
· Export incrementally: Check this check box to export only the modified content of the RESX file, that is, the translated fields only.

.NET resource files (RESX)