Document import settings

The Document import settings dialog allows you to customize the import filter settings for translation documents you are importing into a project.


In the Translations pane of Project home, click Add document as… below the document list. Or, when setting up a new project, in the Translation documents page of the New memoQ project wizard, click Add document as…. Then, select one or more files to import: the Document Import Settings dialog box will appear.

To access this dialog when reimporting a document, select the document in the Translations pane of Project home, and click Reimport as… below the list.


Filter: This drop-down list allows you choose one of the filters available. Normally, you do not need to change the default filter here because memoQ automatically adjusts to match the document(s) you are adding. memoQ has different detailed options for each file format.

Filter configuration: This drop-down list includes the available filter configurations for the selected document type or filter. When you configure a filter, you can save the settings to be re-used or shared as a filter configuration resource. Select a filter configuration from the drop-down list. Click the folder icon to display the Load filter configuration dialog; click the disk icon to save the current filter configuration to the resource selected in the Filter configuration drop-down list. If you select <new configuration> in the drop-down list, the Resource properties dialog appears, where you can create a new filter configuration resource – either on your local computer, or on the selected memoQ server.

Important: Filter configuration resources replace the XML format (.mxf) files or filter configuration files (.xml) used in earlier versions of memoQ.

Options for specific document format filters are described in the topics below:

· AuthorIT projects (*.xml): no extra settings
· DITA documents (*.dita): no extra settings
· Excel 2003 XML spreadsheets (*.xml): no extra settings
· FreeMind mindmaps (*.mm): no extra settings
· Microsoft Visio charts (*.vdx): no extra settings
· Microsoft Help Workshop files (*.hhc, *.hhk): no extra settings
· Scalable Vector Graphics drawings (*.svg): no extra settings
· Typo3 pages (*.xml): no extra settings

Document import settings