The Dashboard opens when you start memoQ. It  allows you to choose what you want to do first, provides you with an interface where you can manage your projects, and displays information about the license you are using.

MemoQ dashboard Dashboard


This window opens automatically when you start memoQ.


The Dashboard has three parts, Frequent tasks, Updates and licences, and Manage projects.

Frequent tasks area

This area allows to choose what you want to do first after opening memoQ.

Create a new project: Click this command to start the New memoQ project wizard that allows you to create and set up a new project.

Import a handoff package: Click this command to import a handoff package sent by your client. In the Import a handoff package dialog, you may want to rename the project or save it to a different location. After clicking OK, memoQ automatically configures your environment and you are ready to start translating.

Check out an online project: Click this command to check out a memoQ online project file (a *.spr file) in the Check out online project dialog for online work. memoQ needs access to the Internet to complete this task.

Manage a memoQ server: Click this command to open the Server administrator dialog where you can manage any memoQ server, no matter whether it is installed on the same machine or it is a remote server.

For all other operations possible when you start using memoQ, use commands in the Project menu.

Updates and licenses area

This area is displays the following information and controls:

· Serial number and the type of license of the memoQ copy you are using.
· Update notification: It can also contain a notification when an update to memoQ is available. Here you can choose to install the updates by ticking a check box. Updates are installed after you close memoQ.
· Download full help: If you are using the project manager edition, additional functionality is available that is not covered in the default Help file. memoQ can download another Help file that fully covers all features of the project manager edition. If you are running the project manager edition, but you do not have the full help file, this area displays the Download full help button. When you click this button, the Download full help dialog box appears. In this dialog box, click Download to start downloading the new Help file.

Manage projects area

This area is very similar to the Manage projects dialog aside from for the section where you can filter projects in the latter by various types of meta-information.