Communication tab

When you prepare a project for team translation, some questions may remain unanswered. memoQ offers a transparent way to communicate with other team members using instant messaging and forums. memoQ’s communication features replace e-mail communication and can be archived. This way the company is able to build a knowledge base, another important resource that shortens the learning curve of translators. Communication features are only available from online projects.


MemoQ communication tab.zoom70 Communication tab


You can invoke the Communication tab by choosing Open Communication Window from the Project menu. The tab opens automatically if you open an online project. The tab consists of two areas: Chat window and Forum window. The two areas can work independently, so the forum you are reading may even reside on a different server than the chat server.

Instant messaging

Chat window area

· Server: This field indicates the name of the server and the online project.
· Reconnect: Click this button to reestablish the connection with the server.
· Send: Click this button to send a chat message to the others working on the online project.
o To send a message, choose the addressee from the Users pane, enter the message into the message box, and click the Send button.
o To send a message to everyone in the project, do not choose anyone from the Users pane, just enter the message into the message box, and click the Send button.
· Name: This field indicates your own user name, which is actually your server login name.
· Status: Use this drop-down list to change your own user status.
o Online: This drop-down list element indicates that the user is online.
o Offline: This drop-down list element indicates that the user is offline.
o Away: This drop-down list element indicates that the user is not at the computer.

Note: If you are online but do not do anything for a long time, your status will automatically turn to Away until you return to work.

o Do not disturb: This drop-down list item indicates that the user is busy and do not want to accept calls. This setting turns message warnings off.
· Users: This pane lists the users active in the project. The user names appearing are actually the server login name of the users. Next to each user you see a status icon, showing the status of the user.
· Text color: Use this color selector to change the color of the text.

Messages that you receive appear in the Communication tab when you have it as the active tab. If you are working on a different tab, part of the message appears in the lower right corner of the window, warning you that you received a new message, unless your status is Do not disturb.


Forum window area

Discussion forums can be created on memoQ servers, on the Discussion forums pane of the Server administrator. Here you can also specify the permissions related to the forum – who can read it, who can contribute to it (post) and who has administrative privileges. Forums are also added to online projects.

· Server URL: Use this drop-down list to enter or select the name or the IP address of the remote server you want to access. Select: Click this button to connect to the server specified in the Server URL field. You usually don’t need to do that as the forum server is the same as the project server.
· Forum: Use this drop-down list to choose the forum.
· Post: Click this button to submit a message entered into the forum message box.
· Refresh: Click this button to see the most recent posts. Forums are not always synchronized, it can take a few minutes until you get a post unless you click this button.

Communication tab