Clone light resource (dialog)

Clones of light resources are independent of the original copies so they cannot be synchronized with them. This dialog allows you to prepare a clone of any light resource available in memoQ and add it to the current project. Although the name of the dialog is subject to change to reflect the type of resource, its content always remains the same.

MemoQ clone light resource Clone light resource (dialog)


You can invoke this dialog by clicking Clone in the Resource console or Clone/use new under the list view of the Setting pane of Project home.


The upper part of the window displays basic information regarding the light resource you are going to clone – its type and its location (local, remote, or offline). If it is a remote resource, the name of the server where it is located is also displayed here.

The dialog itself consists of two fields and a check box.

· Name: The name of the resource you are cloning is entered here by default you you can change if if you wish.
· Description: You can freely type any text in this field to describe the newly created clone resource.
· Read-only: Select this check box if you do not want clone resource to be altered in any way.


Click OK to have memoQ clear translations under the conditions you set. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without any change in any translation document.



Clone light resource (dialog)