Check out online project (dialog)

Using the Check out online project dialog, you can check if there are online projects with tasks assigned to you, and if there are such projects, you can access the project – its documents and resources – and start working on it. When you check out an online project, memoQ will create a local copy of the project. memoQ keeps the local copy and the online project on the server synchronized.


MemoQ check out online project dialog Check out online project


From the Project menu, choose Check out online project.


First, you need to connect to the remote server. Fill in these boxes:

· Server URL: Enter the name or the IP address of the remote server you want to access.
· Select: Click this button to connect to the server specified in the Server URL field.

When you click Select, memoQ displays a list of online projects

· that contain at least one document assigned to you in any role (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2), or
· where you are the project manager.

Click the project you want to check out. Then, make changes to these options if necessary:

· Local project name: When you click OK, memoQ will technically create a local project that holds a local copy of the online documents. If you have checked out this project earlier, or you have a local project of the same name, memoQ will warn you that a project of the same name already exists. If this happens, you can change the local project name in this text box.
· Local project path: Change the folder path in this text box or press the MemoQ ellipsis button Check out online project button to select another folder for the local copy of the online project. By default, memoQ will save the local copy to the same folder where local projects exist. It is not recommended to change this folder path: scattering your projects in various folders make it difficult to back up your projects later on.

Important: Do not use this dialog to refresh/update the contents of an online project that was checked out earlier. To update the contents, simply open the local copy of the project: memoQ will automatically upload and download any changes to the project documents. The same happens if you open a particular documents, or click the MemoQ refresh toolbar button Check out online project button on the toolbar with a document open.


Click OK to check out the selected project. Click Cancel or MemoQ close window button Check out online project to leave the Check out online project dialog without checking out a project.

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