AutoCorrect settings

This dialog allows you to edit your AutoCorrect lists directly from the translation editor.

MemoQ autocorrect dialog AutoCorrect settings


You can invoke the AutoCorrect settings dialog by clicking AutoCorrect… in the Translations menu.


Smart quotes area

· Replace “straight” quotes with smart quotes: select this check box if you want straight quotation marks – the ones you can type by pressing the ” button on your keyboard – to be replaced automatically with more arched quotation marks in order to follow typographic conventions.

AutoCorrect area

In this list, you can select one of the available AutoCorrect lists for use in your current translation document.

· Add list: click this command to add a new list of AutoCorrect rules to the current project
· Delete list: click this command to remove the selected list of  AutoCorrect rules from the current project

Note: All items in a list are displayed in the bottom section of the dialog.  Use the editing interface above the list view to add new items to the selected list by entering the item you want to be replaced into the first field and the one you want it to be replaced with into the second one.

· Replace: click this button to replace the selected item with a new one you have already typed into the Replace or With field.
· Delete: click this button to remove the selected item from the selected AutoCorrect list.


Click Close once you finished editing the AutoCorrect lists.

AutoCorrect settings