memoQ editions

memoQ can be licensed to run in several versions. There is no separate installer for each version – use the only one provided, and the features available to you will automatically be selected after you update your licenses in the Activation wizard. When you are trying to use a feature that is not available in your edition, memoQ will display a warning, indicating that the feature you requested is disabled. Without a valid license, you cannot access any features of memoQ.

When purchasing memoQ, you can choose from the following editions:

memoQ 4, 4free edition

The ideal solution for newcomers to CAT tools; a full-fledged translation environment without any commitment. You can use it to leverage internal similarities of individual documents, handle complex file formats and build translation memories for later use. You can add at most one document, one translation memory and one term base to a project, and you cannot import previous translations into the project’s single translation memory. You cannot edit the translation memory, and you do not have access to online projects.

memoQ 4, translator standard edition

This edition enables individual freelancers to perform their jobs in a more efficient way. Support is not included, but any upgrades released during a valid subscription are available to you. More than one translation memory and term base can be used, but access to remote resources is disabled and bilingual formats needed for teamwork are not available. Besides, you cannot export complete projects, create views from documents, or retrieve 101% (in-context) matches from translation memories.

memoQ 4, translator pro edition

This is a stand-alone edition with full desktop and online functionality. It does not support project management features such as creating multilingual projects, handoff packages, and online projects. The Server Administrator is not available either, which means Translator Pro cannot be used to manage memoQ servers.

memoQ 4, project management edition

The strongest memoQ edition features multilingual projects, full server access and administration features, support for managing offline projects through handoff and delivery packages, and online projects with real-time tracking.

memoQ 4 server

The world’s most complete translation resource and project server. Coupled with memoQ 4, project management edition, it is an unbeatable offer for language service providers.

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memoQ editions