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Work in an online project

Your client can set up an online project where you participate either as a translator or a proofreader. This topic describes how to start, perform, and deliver your work in an online project setting.

Starting the work: Checking out an online project

To access an online project, you need memoQ 4, translator pro edition. You also need a network connection and a user account on a memoQ Server.

When your project manager assigns you a task in an online project, she needs to give you the following details:

· The address (URL) of the memoQ server hosting the project
· Your user name and password
· The name of the online project

To start working with an online project, follow the steps below:

1. From the Project menu, choose Check out online project… The Check out online project dialog opens.
2. In the Server URL box, type or paste the server address you received from the project manager, then click Select.
3. If you have not connected to the server before, memoQ displays the Enter user name and password dialog, prompting you for the user name and password. Type or paste the user name and password received from the project manager, then click OK. memoQ connects to the server, and lists the online projects where you are assigned a task.

Note: If the project manager granted you a memoQ license along when setting up the project, and your copy of memoQ does not run in the appropriate edition for the task, the memoQ activation wizard will start automatically, and you will be able to retrieve your license from the memoQ server. For more details, see the memoQ installation and activation guide in the Kilgray Resource center.

4. On the project list, click the project name you received from the project manager, then click OK. memoQ will download the documents and the light resources, and it will also connect to the LiveDocs corpora, the translation memories, and the term bases in the project.

Important: When checking out an online project, memoQ will create a local copy of the project – practically, a local project – on your computer, and then it will keep the local copy synchronized with the master copy on the server. Note that memoQ will download only those documents that were assigned to you in the project.

Tip: You can change the name of the local copy of the project: after selecting the online project in the list, modify the name in the Local project name text box at the bottom of the Check out online project dialog. This might be useful when you need to check out an online project multiple times.

Working on a document in an online project

To edit a translation document in an online project, simply navigate to the Translations pane of Project home, and double-click the name of the document. memoQ will open the document in the translation grid.

When you confirm a segment, memoQ will immediately save your translation to the server, and the segment status will become Confirmed.

If you are working as a proofreader, and confirm a segment, memoQ will save your corrections to the server, and the server status will become Proofread.

There are some restrictions to the translation grid when you work on an online document:

· You cannot join or split segments.
· You must remain connected to the network while working on an online document. If the network connection is lost, you cannot continue working until the connection is restored.

If you are working on a document as a proofreader, and the translator is working on it at the same time, you can click the Refresh MemoQ refresh toolbar button Work in an online project with online documents button on the toolbar to get the most recent changes made by the translator. On the other hand, as a translator, you can also refresh the document from the server to see how the proofreader changed your translation.

Delivering the finished or reviewed translation

You do not need to do anything to save your work to the master copy on the server – it is automatically uploaded. However, you might need to indicate to the project manager that you finished working so she can export the finished translation. To do this:

· With the finished document open, click the Deliver MemoQ deliver toolbar button Work in an online project with online documents button on the toolbar, or
· Navigate to the Translations pane of Project home, select the documents to deliver, and then click the Deliver link below the document list.



Work in an online project with online documents