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Deliver your work

The last step in the memoQ translation workflow is delivering your translation. Depending on the type of the project, you may either want to submit just one  file or a handoff package that also includes the resources you have been sent and extended further.

Delivering a single translation document

Exporting a single translation document is very simple – just click Export active document in the Project menu and it is done. However, it is important to define the export path rules properly in the Resource console, as the wrong path settings will lead to an error message at this point. It is also essential that you confirm each segment and resolve any errors because memoQ does not allow you to export the document without these conditions. Instead, you are going to receive an error message that takes you to the Resolve errors and warnings pane if you click OK.

If formatting is not relevant, such as in the case of PDF files, click Export active document as plain text in the Project menu to export only the textual content of your translation. You will be asked for the destination path and the encoding, which depends on the specific set of characters you have been using.


Delivering one or more translation documents in an online project

If you have been working on an online project, you do not have to submit your translation but you still have to notify the project manager about the fact that your work is finished. You can do it by clicking Delivery in the Translations pane of the Project home. This button is enabled only when you are working on an online project with online documents, and all segments in it are confirmed or updated. Depending on whether you invoke this command from the Project home or the active document, the scope of the operation can be all documents, the selected documents or the document you are working on. If a translator edits a segment or confirms a segment in a document after delivery, its status goes back to “translation in progress” automatically. If a proofreader edits a document where the status is “proofreading finished”, its status goes back to “proofreading in progress.” The Deliver button should be pressed again after editing the document.


Delivering a handoff package

Delivery is quite different if you have been working with a handoff package you received from your project manager.


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Deliver your work