New memoQ project wizard 1 – Project information

The first dialog in the New memoQ project wizard allows you to specify the properties, or meta-information, of the project you are creating.

MemoQ howto projwiz 1 New memoQ project wizard 1   Project information

The fields listed in this dialog are described in detail in the topic ‘Meta-information’. Some points that might be of interest here:

· Projects must have unique names on the local computer
· It is not possible to change the name, the source language and the target language after you have created the project.
· Project directory indicates the full name of the folder where the project will be stored. It can be modified by clicking the MemoQ ellipsis button New memoQ project wizard 1   Project information button.
· Created by indicates the creator of the project. The ID you are using in your operation system is pre-filled here as the default value, but you can freely change the name at this point or later in the settings pane of the Project home.
· Created at indicates the creation date of the project. Being the system date set in the operating system, it cannot be modified by the user.

The meta-information entered here is saved as your current project settings. This data will be pre-filled as default, editable values for the same fields when you create a new translation memory or term base within the project.

After entering at least the Project name, the Source language and the Target language, you can either click Next to go on to the following dialog or Finish to start the project empty.

New memoQ project wizard 1 – Project information