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Exchange data between memoQ users

Even if the members of a translation team all use memoQ, they must find a way to exchange translation documents and resources among each other.  It is the  MBD file format (standing for memoQ bilingual document) that makes this exchange possible. MBD is a bilingual file format, which means that it contains all text segments in two languages, and segments with the same meaning are always linked in it.

In case of online projects, all data is located on the server so their direct exchange between users is not necessary. The situation is different when the team is working on an online project but through an offline workflow. In this case, translation documents, translation memories and term bases are packed into several handoff packages, which are then sent to the respective team members. Having finished translation, these members create delivery packages and send them to other team members (proofreaders), or to the project manager.

Thanks to automatic update, there is no danger that various users on a team use different versions of memoQ. The latest version is installed automatically,  along with all available data and resources.

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Exchange data between memoQ users