Resolve errors and warnings

You cannot export your translations without resolving all errors first. memoQ offers you the opportunity to do so in the Resolve errors and warnings tab, which is displayed either automatically after you run QA, or after you select Resolve errors and warnings in the Operations menu.

If you invoke the Resolve errors and warnings tab from the Operations menu, you first have to select the scope of the operation. This can be the project, the selected documents, the open document, a selected part of the open document, etc.

The Resolve Errors and Warnings tab consists of the Errors and warnings pane with a list of segments where an error or a warning is encountered. It also displays information on the nature of the problem (error or warning), on its status (resolves or not), etc. If you double-click one of the lines, the document opens and the cursor is positioned to the segment in question. The same happens if you double-click the number of the row in the segment edit part.. You can edit the segment as if you were in the translation editor. The edited segment changes in the translation document too.

When you are working on a translation memory, changes are not automatically committed to it. Click the Commit changes button to insert the changes into the translation memory.

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