Confirm and update rows

This function allows you to confirm and update specific segments in the translation document or documents. You can choose to confirm all segments of the following statuses:

(1)  edited but not confirmed;

(2)  already confirmed;

(3)  proofread;

(4)  pre-translated, having unambiguous 100% or 101% (context) matches.

This is a quick way to perform any of the following actions:

(1)  insert the remaining segments into the translation memory and set their status as confirmed;

(2)  save your translations into a different translation memory;

(3)  save proofread segments into your translation memory, keeping up the quality of your TM;

(4)  set the status of pre-translated segments to confirmed so that the document status will show a more realistic amount of work left.

You can invoke the dialog by choosing Confirm and Update Rows in the Operations menu, even if the translation document is not open. This command enables you to confirm and update all segments in the selected documents. You can confirm and update part of a document only if the document is open, as the option From cursor is not available when the document is closed.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut when a translation document is open and active: press Ctrl+Shift+U.

See also: Confirm and update rows (dialog)

Confirm and update rows