Auto-propagation is a way to enforce the consistency of identical segments on the fly. In the translation grid, and when auto-propagation is enabled, memoQ checks if the current segment is a repetition.  When you confirm the translation of a segment that has repetitions in the document, the confirmed translation is automatically copied to the repetitions, too.

In the status cell, memoQ indicates that a segment is a repetition:

MemoQ conc autoprop rep1 Auto propagation

If memoQ automatically fills in a segment through auto-propagation, it has a different indicator:

MemoQ conc autoprop rep Auto propagation

Caution: When you confirm your translation into a translation memory that uses the segment context (so that it returns 101% matches), memoQ saves the context only for the segment that you confirmed. When memoQ automatically fills in and confirms a segment through auto-propagation, that segment will not be saved to the translation memory. In other words, only the directly confirmed segment will have a 101% match. Auto-propagated segments receive 100% matches only. This can be important when you need to reconstruct your translation by importing and pre-translating your document again.

This feature is available from the Translation menu.

See also: Auto-propagation settings (dialog)