PowerPoint®: PPT, PPTX

Presentations created in Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003 or earlier (.ppt extension)

When importing and exporting .ppt files, memoQ uses interoperability features in Microsoft® Office®. Therefore, a suitable version of Microsoft® Office® (at least Office® 2000 SR2) must be installed on your machine to be able to work with .ppt files. Also, on machines with Office® 2007 or later installed, memoQ is not guaranteed to be able to import .ppt files. In those cases, it is recommended that you first save the presentation in PPTX format using PowerPoint®.

When a .ppt file is imported, the translation document in memoQ will contain uninterpreted formatting tags (of the form {1}, {2}, etc.) You cannot change the order of these tags. All the tags from the source side must be present in the translation to avoid errors that prevent export. This limitation does not apply to .pptx files (see below).

Presentations created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, or later (.pptx extension)

Microsoft Office 2007 introduced the new XML based PPTX format that can be imported and exported directly by memoQ. Import and export works even on machines without Office®, although Office® 2007 or 2010 is still required to create the preview files, .

In the case of PPTX, you can choose to have inline tags or uninterpreted formatting tags in your translation document. Unlike uninterpreted formatting tags, inline tags can be reordered, or, if not needed, omitted from the translation.

Note: Although memoQ supports PPTX files created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, memoQ does not import text that is included in the form of extensions specific to Office 2010. However, because translatable text very rarely occurs in such extensions, you can expect memoQ to process PowerPoint 2010 PPTX files properly.