Light resources

memoQ provides support for two kinds of resources: heavy resources such as translation memories and term bases and light resources. Light resources include

· auto-translation rules that enable the easy translation of patterns like dates, number formats, or references to legislation,
· segmentation rules that define how a newly imported text is split up into segments,
· non-translatable lists that contain expressions that are not to be translated,
· ignore lists that tell your spell checker what expressions to skip,
· autocorrect lists that turn abbreviations into full versions as you type,
· filter configurations that define how to import new documents,
· export path rules that define the name and location of the exported files, and are especially useful for multi-file projects,
· keyboard shortcuts that bind functionality to certain hotkeys,
· QA settings that define what quality assurance checks memoQ needs to perform,
· TM settings that define what qualifies as a translation memory match,
· LiveDocs settings that define what qualifies as a LiveDocs match.

Light resources are managed through the Resource Console or the Settings pane of the Project home. Select the appropriate light resource button and choose the items to work on. For more information, refer to Working with resources.

When a new project is created, it inherits the default resources. For more information on setting up the default resources, refer to Built-in and default resources.

You can work with online light resources also when you work offline. When you are working with server resources and want to work offline, always click Tools / Update Remote Resources prior to going offline.

Light resources