STAR Transit™ projects

STAR Transit™ is a translation environment that is a competitor of memoQ. In memoQ, it is possible to import project packages generated by STAR Transit™ XV and STAR Transit™ NXT for translation or editing. These files have the .pxf (XV version) or .ppf (NXT version) extension. Packages created in Transit 2.7 or earlier are not supported.

Content and handling of Transit packages

A Transit package can contain one or more documents for translation, as well as reference materials consisting of previously translated documents. Transit does not use a centralized translation memory: instead, it reads previously translated documents directly for this purpose. Transit reference material can be imported into a memoQ translation memory when the package is imported. Just like memoQ, Transit uses segment statuses and other metadata in documents. Where applicable, these are mapped to their memoQ equivalents at import, and changed back at export. Transit packages can also contain terminology data, but memoQ currently does not import such data.

After a Transit package is imported into memoQ, the individual documents show up in the list of translations, and can be handled similarly to any memoQ translation document. When translation is finished, the documents are exported back into Transit format. Normally, this exported file contains only the translated document(s), with the .txf or .tpf extension. Forward-type exporting is also possible, which uses the original .pxf and .ppf extensions, and contains all contents of the package. This can be useful, for example, if the package needs to be passed directly from a translator to a proofreader, without going back to a project manager first.

To import a Transit package, choose Import Transit project… from the Project menu. To export a finished Transit package, click Deliver in the Translations pane of Project home.

Note: Joining and splitting of segments is currently not possible when working on documents from a Transit package in memoQ.

STAR Transit projects